Amaranth groats is amaranth grains fractured into crumbs about a millimeter in diameter. They are used to make tasty and nutritious meals that restore vitality. The main reason for that is that they contain a balanced protein of plant origin. It has been noted that protein content in amaranth groats is 10,8% higher than in manna groats; the lysin score (total balance) of amaranth groats protein is 107,54% compared to just 40,95% for manna groats protein. Its chemical composition (extremely low prolamin content and total absence of type A gliadin) makes it a recommended food for both healthy persons and those suffering from celiac disease. Among all the groats a person can eat, amaranth groats are the best suited for osteopenia and osteoporosis prevention because in addition to vitamin D precursor, squalene, they contain amounts of calcium record for plant-based foods, along with magnesium and zinc required to absorb it.